Bella Body Oils - "Making A Statement Without Saying A Word"
We Are Very Proud Of What We Do!
Day after day, customers tell us our versions smell better than the originals.  Perhaps the lack of alcohol and, in many cases, higher quality oils than those found in the "original" makes the difference.  Ounce for ounce, our fragrance bottles contain fifteen to twenty times as much pure fragrance oil as the typical Eau de Toilette, but choosing pure fragrance oils is not so much a question of saving money, as it is of getting your money's worth.
Designer Fragrance (Types) In Pure Oil Form With NO ALCOHOL!
Every Product Is Available In Every Fragrance     

Pure Fragrance Oils
Fragrance Warmers
Soy Candles
Body Butter
Shea Butter Balm
Hydrating Cream
Body Oil
Soap Bars
Bath Salts
Massage Oil
Exfoliating Microscrub
Shower Gel
Bubble Bath
Reed Diffuser Sets
Perfume Bottles
Gel Candles